Common Literary Themes

A theme can be defined as the main subject in a piece of writing; be it a book, article, etc. that is being discussed or is being described often in a repeated manner. The main importance of themes is the provision of lessons or moral studies within the plot of a certain piece of writing. There are several common literary themes.

The first one is the continuous struggle of man against nature. In this common literary theme, the struggle of a character within himself or herself, or against either the world that is natural will be explored by books. The main featured struggle in both cases given by the books with this theme is usually the struggle to survive which often remind us of our fragility as humans.

The struggle of human beings to comprehend what divinity is all about is another common literary theme. Under this theme, it is often commonplace to find the character in question entangled in the struggle of making peace with his/her creator.

The third common literary theme is the struggles of a man with the pressures of society. The dictates of society usually place the character between a rock and a hard place. The characters should what they are sure that they are.

The concept of crime does not pay is also a very common literary theme. In fact, this notion is very popular such that most people regard it as a cliché. Under this theme, the main idea is usually to honor honesty at all times since all criminals have their days numbered and will get their retribution. A character with negative traits is also subject to this theme as their bad deeds will always haunt them.

Triumph over adversity, bad odds, and bad luck is the other common theme of literature. In this situation, a tough situation is usually presented to the character in question and he or she will overcome it. The challenge itself can vary from different aspects of life, e.g. a villain that is threatening, a sports challenge, and many more.

The relationship between friendship and sacrifice is also a very popular literary theme in most books. Theme insists on acting like a friend for you to have friends. Most of the times, the call of friendship is usually accompanied by tears and sacrifice.

A family is very important. Among many books, this literary theme is very common. The family is usually associated with loyalty, which is an impact of most peoples’ upbringing. Furthermore, family rivalries are also very commonplace. The bottom line is a lot of angles can be explored to bring out the importance of family.

The concept of love conquering it all has never been short. Romeo and Juliet is a perfect example of that exemplify this theme. Among the most valuable things that are to be pursued is love. Actually, the theme of love is featured in almost all literary journals.

Other common literary themes are religion, good against evil, war, technology, capitalism, death, coming of age, and the conviction that human beings are their own worst enemy.




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